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Current Special Packages

Special Packages are available throughout the year for different holidays or just for fun! Here are some things to consider when purchasing a Special Session Package:

  Some sessions have a set date and must be paid in full and booked by the deadline indicated unless otherwise noted. 

  Sessions with Set Dates can't be rescheduled, but the value may be used towards any full-price Standard session.

  I can check and hold a specific date for open sessions before you purchase it, but unpaid reservations will be canceled within 24 hours.




We all are guilty of the same crime... photos sitting in our phones, hard drives, social media... but do they ever make it to our walls? Hardly ever... right?

So, I decided to create a session to bring the lovely faces of your loved ones directly from the studio to your walls! It's time to decorate your home with lovely modern-yet-timeless gallery-rated Glicee prints that will make everybody go oooooh and aaaahhhh!!! 

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Sesion Date: October 8,  2022 -  SOLD OUT!

Boudoir Micro Sessions are back just in time to create the perfect present for that very special person in your life!
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