I believe milestones must be celebrated and then celebrated some more.

A baby turning ONE, or TWENTY ONE.

Whatever makes you say "YAY!" deserves a smashing celebration. There is no one way to get messy. Why stop at cake? You can do a Spaghetti Bowl, Ice Cream Melt or Champagne Splash! You name it... You make the mess, I make sure all the fun is documented in beautiful photographs so it will never be forgotten.

Let's have fun! Let's celebrate! Let's make a big mess!

From full productions to DIY Options, we can make your celebration a smashing success!
— Gorgeous Sets
In the studio, at home, or somewhere outdoors, we will make it special and fun.
— Literally Anywhere
Puppies allowed? Yes! Want to make it a family affair? Sure! Why not? Ask away and we will make it happen!
— So many options!

Tell us all about your ideal celebration

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